Can we expect to have privacy if we use social media?

Posted: September 11, 2013 in class post, Elizabeth Azzopardi, social media
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Social media is by definition a social form of interaction with other people online.
We can see that social media does have a large issue in regards to privacy. I do not believe that it is possible for anyone to expect to have 100% privacy when using social media. Privacy policies do not cover anything fully. The possibility of posting something online and having others see it is extremely high, even if you aren’t friends with the person who sees it. The Internet is a public medium accessed by anyone, anytime you post online, even if you delete it, can leave traces or be put into a data file the user doesn’t know about. Often social media encourages you to put hash tags and other tags on things (photos, videos, text posts) you upload online so that people can look for it and other things like it, examples of these websites are Instagram, tumblr and twitter. Even if you do not tag a post if someone is friends with you, or follows you this could come up on their news feeds (Facebook), dashboard (tumblr) or home feed (Instagram). We can see then that it is pretty much irrational to expect 100% privacy when using social media.

By Elizabeth Azzopardi

several articles about social media its alarming privacy concerns

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  2. Elizabeth, you are so right, You just cannot expect 100% privacy on a public medium like the internet!

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